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Academic Background:

Born and settled in Madrid, he holds a PhD in Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) 2015, with the doctoral thesis COLOR/NO-COLOR. Los blancos en la cultura occidental (COLOUR/NON-COLOUR. White in Western culture), under the direction of Dr. Alicia Sánchez Ortiz.

Previously he obtained the Advanced Studies Diploma with the research project BLANCO, pinturas silenciosas (WHITE, silent paintings) (UCM, 2005).

He holds a degree in Fine Arts, UCM 2001, and a degree in Law, UCM 1989.

He received a scholarship from the Quintanar Palace, Segovia, 2000 and from the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation, Granada, 1999.

Currently, he has paintings in virtual gallerys as Bay- Sala (Bilbao), The Art Gallery Spain (Madrid) or  SINGULART (París).


Individual Exhibitions:

2023 “DOS EN SINGULAR (TWO IN SINGULAR) IN CALAMOCHA”, José Lapayese Exhibition Hall, Calamocha (Teruel).

2023 “Mediterranean light”, RCYC / Enterprice & Art, on board the Evirma Yacht.

2023 “THE BRIGHT CITY”, Núñez de Balboa 40 Cultural Space, Madrid.


2022 “DOS EN SINGULAR (TWO IN SINGULAR), Espacio 36 Art Gallery, Zamora.

2019 “ELOGIO DE LA LUZ (ELOGY OF LIGHT), Les Aules, Epai Cultural Obert, Diputació de Castelló, Castellón de la Plana.

2017 “DE VIAJE (ON A JOURNEY), Espacio 36 Art Gallery, Zamora.

2016 “DIECISéIS (SIXTEEN), Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid.

2015 “superficies-colores-formas (surfaces-colours-shapes), Manuel Alvar Public Library Hall, Madrid. Exhibition curated by Alicia Pérez Bayón.

2013 “Cuatro punto nueve (Four point nine), Sharon Art Gallery, León.

2013 “Mayo en Valencia (May in Valencia), Puchol Art Gallery, Valencia.

2011 “De Madrid a Nueva York (From Madrid to New York), Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid.

2010 “Ventanas (Windows), Nolde Art Gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.

2010 “Entre Visillos (Between Courtains), Alfonso X El Sabio Cultural Centre, Guadarrama, Madrid.

2008 Thais Art Gallery, Lorca, Murcia.

2007 “SiE7E (SEVEN), Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid.

2005 Thais Art Gallery, Lorca, Murcia.

2005 D’Arts Gallery, Valencia.

2004 “Introspecciones (Introspections), Alfonso X El Sabio Cultural Centre, Guadarrama, Madrid.

2003 “Colores de Verano (Summer Colours), Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid.

2003 Balboa 13 Art Gallery, Madrid.

2002 Balboa 13 Art Gallery, Madrid.

2001 Balboa 13 Art Gallery, Madrid.


Collective Exhibitions:

2023 “ZAMORA IN PLURAL”, ESPACIO 36 Art Gallery, Zamora.

2021 “ALZARTE – Colectiva de verano (Sumer Collective), Galería Herraiz, Madrid.

2019 “Arte en Movimiento  (Art in Motion), LA LUNA Ephemeral Art Gallery, Madrid.

2019 “CASA CLUB – The Art Gallery Spain”, Casa Club, Madrid.

2019 “INTERIORES POR EL MUNDO (INTERIORS WORLDWIDE), The Art Gallery, ETS of Architecture, Madrid.

2019 “Haciendo Barrio 7th edition”, Conde Duque Cultural Centre, Madrid.

2018 “FLECHA BILBAO 2018”, Artea Shopping Center, Leioa (Bizkaia).

2018 “Haciendo Barrio 6th edition”, Conde Duque Cultural Centre, Madrid.

2018 “FLECHA 2018”, Arturo Soria Plaza Shopping Center, Madrid.

2017 “Fondo de Arte 2017 (Art Collection), ESPACIO 36 Art Gallery, Zamora.

2017 “Colectiva de Verano 2017 (Sumer Collective 2017), Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid.

2017 “Colectiva de Primavera 2017 (Spring Collective 2017), BAY-SALA Art Gallery, Bilbao.

2016 Collaboration with “SPAIN BY ME”

2016 “Les artistes de la Galerie”, François Fontain Art Gallery, Satigny-Genève (Suisse).

2016 “Haciendo Barrio 4th edition”, Conde Duque Cultural Centre, Madrid.

2015 “Colectiva de Navidad (Christmas Collective), Arte-Mayor 44 Gallery, Palencia.

2012 “50 años sin Marilyn (50 years without Marilyn), by Puchol Art Gallery – 2nd Week of Art Marina d’Or, Oropesa del Mar (Castellón).

2011 “10th “Virgen de las Viñas” Painting Contest”, Infanta Elena Museum – Tomelloso (Ciudad Real).

2011 “1st Week of Art”, by Puchol Art Gallery – Marina d’Or, Oropesa del Mar (Castellón).

2011 “37th Bancaja Prize for Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art”, Sala de la Muralla (Wall Room), I.V.A.M., Valencia.

2010 “Art and Solidarity”, Puchol Art gallery -DASYC Foundation, Valencia.

2009 “Entornos y Contornos (Environments and Contours), Arte Marta Mena Art Space, Valencia.

2009 “Valencia, New York and Colour”, Puchol Art Gallery, Valencia.

2008 “Navid’ART 2008”, Nolde Art Gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.

2008 “Christmas 2008/09”, Puchol Art Gallery, Valencia.

2007 “Navid’ART 2007”, Nolde Art Gallery, Navacerrada, Madrid.

2006 “Plural Spring ’06”, Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid.

2006 “Small format Christmas collective”, Thais Art Gallery, Lorca, Murcia.

2005 “Marruecos: Viaje de Ida (Morocco: One-way Journey), Alexandra Irigoyen Art Gallery, Madrid.

2005 “Summer Collective”, Balboa 13 Art Gallery, Madrid.

2004 “Cinco Pintores Por El Mediterráneo (Five painters along the Mediterranean), Grand Latino, Iberojet Cruceros, Jun-November 2004.

2002 “Ocho Becarios”, Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid.


Awards and mentions:

Jury’s Award in Social Networks Interiors Worldwide First Prize, Madrid 2019.

Second Prize at the BBVA Painting Competition, Madrid 2017.

Acquisition-prize Destilerías ALTOSA at the 10th Cultural CompetitionVirgen de las Viñas, Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, 2011.

First Prize at the 25th Guadarrama National Painting Contest, Madrid 2009.

Acquisition-prize at the MUFACE Painting Award First Edition, 2005.

First Prize at the 19th Guadarrama National Painting Contest, Madrid 2003.

First Prize at the 10th López-Villaseñor Arts Contest , Ciudad Real 2001.

Acquisition-prize at the 1st Wellington Foundation Contemporary Painting Contest, Madrid 2001.

Second Prize 1st Young Artists Conference Coronado, Madrid 2001.

First Prize at the 1st Fast Painting Competition “Manual 2000”, IFEMA, Madrid, 2000.

Second Prize at the 9th Madrid’s Bar Association Painting Contest, December 2000.

Finalist at 27th, 24th, 23rd, 22nd, 21st, 19th, 18th and 17th BMW Painting Prize (2012, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003 y 2001).

Finalist at the 11th Cultural Competition Virgen de las Viñas, Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, 2012.

Finalist at the 37th Bancaja Prize for Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art, Valencia 2011.

Finalist at the 6th Torrelodones Contemporary Painting Competition 2005.

Finalist at the “Ciutat d’Algemesí” National Painting Prize 2004.

Finalist at the City of Alcalá Painting Awards 35th edition  2004.


Paintings on display at: 

In addition to numerous private collections, he has paintings, among others, in the following public institutions: López-Villaseñor Municipal Museum, Ciudad Real; MUFACE; Tres Cantos City Council, Madrid; Lorca City Council, Murcia; Guadarrama City Council, Madrid; Collection of the Alcazar Board, Segovia; Drawing Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Madrid; El Paular Foundation, Segovia Provincial Council; Wellington Foundation, Madrid; Madrid Bar Association. Ángeles Penche Art Gallery, Madrid; Espacio 36 Art Gallery, Zamora; Sala Picaso, Burgos; Bay-Sala Art Gallery, Bilbao.

Scenography and others:


2022 Article: Javier Aoiz Orduna – Elogio de la luz, DISEÑO DE LA CIUDAD Magazine, nº 124, December 2022, pp. 67-71

2020 He wrote the article Between classicism and modernity. Whiteness, a cultural construction of the WestUNIVESITAS HUMANÍSTICA Journal, nº 88, published in December 2020.

2015 “Cuida-T (Take care of yourself)” campaign, for Campofrío. Design of a totem pole for Serrano Street in Madrid: “From white to white through the colours of life”. July-August2014.

2012 Stage design for “Yo soy Don Quijote de La Mancha (I am Don Quixote of La Mancha), by Cervantes, drama by José Ramón Fernández, with José Sacristán, Fernando Soto, Almudena Ramos and the cellist José Luis López. Directed by Luis Bermejo and produced by Metrópolis Teatro, it premiered on 5 July 2012, opening the  35th International Classical Theatre Festival of Almagro (Ciudad Real). Español Theatre, in Madrid.

2011 Design of the stage space for “Extraño Anuncio (Strange announcement), by Adolfo Marsillach, with Manuel Galiana, Ana María Barbany, José Carabias, Mónica Aragón, Oscar Olmeda and Kiko Sánchez. Directed by Mercedes Lezcano and produced by Metrópolis Teatro, it had its national premiere at the Principal Theatre in Castellón on 11 and 12 February 2012. In Madrid, March 16 to April 29, 2012 – Valle Inclán Theatre, Francisco Nieva Hall, C.D.N.

2007 Stage design, costumes and original paintings for “Un Picasso (A Picasso), by Jeffrey Hatcher, in Spanish version by Nacho Artime, directed by José Sacristán, produced by Metrópolis Teatro, with José Sacristán and Ana Labordeta/Sonia Castelo. Award to the best scenography XXVIII Festival de Teatro Ciudad de Palencia, 2007.

2007 Scenic space design and original paintings for “Señora de Rojo Sobre Fondo Gris (Lady in Red on a Grey Background), deliberate reading, performed by José Sacritán, homage to Miguel Delibes. Calderón Theatre of Valladolid, 17 October 2007.

2005 Stage and costume design for “Conversación con Primo Levi (Conversation with Primo Levi), by Ferdinando Camon. Whith Manuel Galiana and Víctor Valverde, spanish version and direction by Mercedes Lezcano, and production of Metrópolis Teatro.

2003 Stage design for “Danza Macabra (The Dance of Death), by August Strindberg, in Spanish version by Francisco Melgares, with José Sacristán, Mercedes Sampietro and Juan Gea, directed by Mercedes Lezcano and produced by Metrópolis Teatro. Albéniz Theatre of the Autonomous Region of Madrid.


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