surfaces-colours-shapes, visits (1)

surfaces-colours-shapes, visits (1)


Tomorrow, May 13, 2015, we will reach the “equator” of this exhibition.

During this time many people have passed through the Exhibition Hall of the Manuel Alvar Library in Madrid. Among others, there have been my uncles Dolores Aoiz and Francisco García, Teresa del Val, María José García Vega, Pablo de Juan and Marta Torrecillas with Javier and Ignacio, Raúl García Toledano or my aunt María Teresa Orduna. But I don’t have photos of these visits…

I upload photos of the people I do have images of: Pilar Martín, Montse Collado, Ángel Treviño, Javier de Juan and Yolanda with Daniel and Marcos, or the curator Alicia Pérez Bayón’s family almost completely. Of all of them, the reunion with Javier and Angelines Orduna was one of those wonderful surprises that life brings from time to time. I also upload some photos of me with Alicia, with Victoria (from the Manuel Alvar Library) and with my husband, Ramón de Juan.

Thank you very much for your visits!


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